Reiki and a Prosperous Earth

by Colleen Benelli
First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Summer 2009.
Artwork by Gaia Orion.

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THE UNIVERSE IS AN ABUNDANT CREATION. We can look to our own Earth and her amazing and diverse life forms as a perfect expression of the prosperous Universe. The Earth is rich with life. She receives the light from the sun to create and grow more life. Together, the sun and the earth provide the resources for all of her creations to prosper and thrive.

There is a rhythm, a universal heartbeat, within the life force of every creation and form.

Our heart and the heart of the earth beat with the same rhythm. When we connect to that rhythm, we connect to the heartbeat of God and all of creation. We enter the flow of all possibility and prosperity.

True prosperity comes from an awareness of the abundance in everyday life. When we are awake to the remarkable life around us, in all the forms it exists, and when we see every blessing there is to notice, prosperity becomes our belief, and therefore our reality. In his book, Creating Affluence, Deepak Chopra says, “When we are grounded in the nature of reality and we also know that this same reality is our own nature, then we realize that we can create anything, because all of material creation has the same origin. Nature goes to the same place to create a cluster of nebulas, a galaxy of stars, a rain forest, or a human body as it goes to create a thought.”

Reiki can awaken us to our prosperity by assisting us in connecting to the rhythm and heartbeat so we can see the rich and varied resources in our own lives. It can help us recognize the abundance and blessings that are sometimes hidden right in front of us. The common dandelion is an example of this. It is a remarkable flower that grows and thrives in seemingly impossible situations. It shines its bright yellow face for us wherever there is a piece of earth for it to grow, even in the cracks of a sidewalk. Think of this tiny, ordinary flower and its hundreds of seeds on a round ball and how those seeds blow on the wind carrying the dandelion over great distances where it takes hold and grows, regardless of its conditions. We take the dandelion for granted; we walk by it without pause to notice its powerful presence in the world. Reiki can help us see the magic in the ordinary.

Using photographs I have taken, I created the SoulCollage® 1 card to the right as a reminder of the abundant life that sur- rounds me. The central figure, Iris, is a nature spirit1 I meet in my Reiki practices. She is the one speaking to us from the card, and she begins with the phrase, “I Am the One Who…” to teach us her message, “to love ourselves” as the path to creating our lives with ease and abundance. The abundance in my life is visible in the card. I love nature and I have the great fortune to live where nature is plentiful.

The photographs reflect the physical world around me. When I take the time to notice, I can see the manifestation of so much that is important to me. The earth is alive and thriving and I live in her prosperous world. I am made of the same substance as she; prosperity is my truth.

Here is her message to me:

I Am the One Who nurtures the magic in life.
Believe and I am easy to see.
I dance on your fingertips, sparkling light.
Here from a whole world,
Simply a dimension away.
We share this world with you,
Part of the Earth’s diversity.
We think you are magnificent beings.
Love yourself as we love you
And you will create life
With beauty and ease.
Abundance is your truth,
Blessings are all around you.
Notice all that is hidden right before you.
A dandelion is remarkable indeed.
Your magic is in your everyday life.
Believe and it is easy to see.

When we give attention to even our smallest blessings, prosperity becomes our reality and the results are feelings of satisfaction, accomplishment, fulfillment, and love. These qualities fill our thoughts and our minds and vibrations of love are more apparent. It is easier to love ourselves when we perceive our lives as blessed and accept abundance as our truth. When we love ourselves, our creations will reflect our belief.

I know that it is easy to see our blessings when life is easy, and harder to do when life is difficult. However, when life is hard, the simple way to manage the challenges is to give more attention to our blessings. Reiki can help us do that. Invite Reiki into your daily activities to help you see the blessings hidden right in front of you. Ask Reiki to help you notice the ordinary magic in the things you take for granted and empower your vision to the extraordinary reality all around you. Invite Reiki to release any block you may have that limits your ability to recognize your blessings. Do this throughout your day, whatever you are doing. I use the Power symbol all day long. It helps me release my obstacles, and it helps empower my positive thoughts. The Mental/Emotional symbol helps me keep track of my mind and thoughts. It helps me reorient to my blessings when I get trapped in my worries. The Distant Healing symbol highlights my Divine heart so I can feel love present everywhere, even in the challenges.

Giving and Receiving

Prosperity is a result of giving and receiving. Most Reiki practitioners are good at giving, but many of us have a hard time receiving. My Reiki guides tell me that in our culture we have misinterpreted the scripture “It is better to give, than receive.” They say that many of us have become over-givers, and only know how to give. We are out of balance when we only give. Our heart chakra is the location in our bodies that holds the vibration of giving and receiving. I find this chakra often needs healing when people are only comfortable giving. We also need to receive; otherwise we are interrupting the circular flow of abundance.

In the prosperous Universe, the Divine Feminine creates through receiving, and the Divine Masculine creates through giving. The natural flow and rhythms of creation hold a balance of the mascu- line and feminine principle of giving and receiving. There is no resistance by either. The Earth creates life by receiving light from the sun. If we are only giving in life, then we are out of the natural flow and rhythm of creation. To regain our rhythm we need to empower our ability to receive and activate the Divine Feminine within us. It will enhance our creative life force so we can receive prosperity.

“Ask and you shall receive” is a positive belief for prosperity. First we must be willing to ask and then we must be willing to gra- ciously receive the gifts offered us.

“I ask and I receive,” is a good mantra to include in your daily thoughts. Begin a practice of receiving. Use the words “I receive” in your conversations. An easy example is to say, “I received your mes- sage, thank you for calling,” instead of “I got your message,” or I received your e-mail. Get comfortable with compliments and receive them graciously. When people offer to do something for you say, “Yes, thank you.” Ask for help, and let others give it to you. Invite Reiki to help you receive self-love. Compliment and thank yourself for who you are and all that you do. Receive your own love.

Reiki can help us release ingrained beliefs about giving and receiving and return us to balance. Do self-Reiki and ask to empower your ability to receive. Ask to let go of your limitations with receiving. Ask for more balance and personal boundaries in your giving. Use the Distant Healing symbol to open the bridge of light between prosperity and you. Invite the power of the Divine Feminine into your life. Ask to balance the Divine Masculine. Ask to connect to the flow and rhythms of the universal prosperity.

One of the great gifts of Reiki is that we always receive when we give. Reiki is an example of the balance and rhythm of the masculine and feminine within all of us and within all of creation. Reiki is our life force energy, and it teaches us to powerfully receive while we give. Our personal life force prospers when we are in balance with both.
Rhythms and Reiki for Prosperity at Work

Material success gained through our efforts is part of prosperity. The Earth teaches us this through her own efforts to grow and sustain life. When we match our heartbeat to hers, it is easier to be aware of the abundance in our work. Reiki is a very practical healing energy. We can use it at work, home, or play. Adding Reiki and conscious awareness of our rhythms to our workday can guide us to the natural prosperity in our jobs. It can help us find the Divine accomplishments in our daily lives.
In the Five Reiki Ideals Dr. Usui teaches us to be devoted to our work each day. My husband Robin, an interior finish contrac- tor, lives this Ideal. He uses Reiki for financial prosperity for his business and in his work. He is one of a few finish contractors in our area still in business, and he attributes his success in these hard economic times to Reiki. His business has actually grown this year, and he has hired more employees, which contributes to the prosperity of more families.

Robin uses Reiki in all aspects of his work. He starts each day by connecting to the rhythms of the day and sets his intentions. He asks for the help and guidance from his enlightened spirit helpers and Reiki. During the day, he places Reiki in all the homes and buildings he works in by placing the symbols on the walls with his eyes. Construction can be a “tough man’s world,” so Robin sends Reiki to all of his meetings and appointments with project managers and asks for smooth and easy communica- tion and solutions. He calls on Reiki before every meeting with his partner Jim and their employees. Our son Nick also works in this company. He bids their contracts, and he uses Reiki to empower the acceptance of the bids by the developers. Robin uses Reiki to help guide him in hiring excellent and honest, hard- working employees who fit in with his company and work well with the rest of the crew. Jim, Robin, and Nick have set up a Reiki crystal grid (a technique taught in the Reiki ART work- shop and in William Rand’s Reiki ART/Master manual) to empower their financial goals.

They also use Reiki for problem solving. Last week, Robin found a major problem in one of the units they had just finished. When he called his partner to tell him about it, the first thing Jim said was, “I hope you’re already sending Reiki!” It turned out that the plumber caused the mistake instead of Robin, so Robin sent Reiki to the plumber.

In addition to the many ways that Reiki has benefitted his company, Robin has noticed that the developers whose homes and buildings he has placed Reiki into are continuing to be suc- cessful also. There are more than a thousand homes and buildings in the Portland area that have Reiki imbued in their walls. We know that Reiki is affecting the owners of these homes and busi- nesses as well!

Reiki Meditation for Prosperity

This is a short version of a meditation I use almost daily to align my body to the rhythm and heartbeat of creation. I also use variations of it for my Reiki classes, Reiki Circles, and for my clients before I give them a Reiki treatment. It helps each of us remember our connection to the prosperous Universe. I use a Reiki Rattle, but the meditation can be done without one.
Activate Reiki. Invite your enlightened spirit helpers. Place a large Power symbol down the front of your body and over each of your chakras. Fill the space around you with Reiki and the Power symbol.

Use a Reiki Rattle or another rattle in a heartbeat rhythm— one short and one long beat. Imagine there is a beautiful light in front of you that contains all the Reiki symbols.

Breathe in this light and allow it to travel in your “microcosmic orbit,” down the front of you, between your legs, up your back, over the top of your head, and back down the front of you, highlighting each chakra as it travels down the front and up the back of you.

As you breathe in the light, feel the vibration of each Reiki symbol enter your body. Feel the same light vibration within you respond to the light on your breath. The light in you wakes up because it recognizes the Divine life force energy of the Reiki symbols within your own body.

Breathe in the light from each Reiki symbol one at a time, and feel the Divine qualities of each symbol fill you so that you remember those same Divine qualities within you.

Breathe in the Power symbol and the power of the loving Universe that resides within you. Now breathe in the Mental/Emotional symbol and allow the power of the pure mind consciousness to wake up in your own mind and thoughts. Now breathe in the Distant Healing symbol. See the light of the Divine Heart in your own heart. Intend that the light in your heart grow brilliant as you continue to breathe in the Reiki light in front of you.

Send the light in your heart through your feet and into the Earth. Invite the light from the heart of the Earth to meet with your light. As the light of the Earth rises to greet your light, notice that the light of the Earth and your light are the same. Listen to the light of the Earth, hear her heartbeat, and feel that it beats with the same rhythm as your own heart.
Merge with the light and rhythm of the Earth; see through her eyes. Feel her love for her abundant creations. Imagine the whole world and look at how prosperous she is. Feel her receiving the light from the sun. She is able to grow and provide for incredible numbers of life forms. Feel her sense of Divine accomplishment in manifesting such diversity and varieties of life.
Send the light of the Earth and your heart back up through your feet, feel it pass through your heart and out into the Universe past the sun and the moon and the stars.

Invite the Light of Creator down from above. Merge with that light and feel how it is the same as your light. Listen into the light, hear the heartbeat of God, and feel that it beats in the same rhythm as your own heart.

Merge with the light of God and see through the eyes of Creator. Look at the magnificent and abundant Universe and see how all of creation is made of the same light. Feel the heartbeat of Creation and that it is the same heartbeat within the Earth, You, and Creator.

Send the light of your heart and Creator back through the top of your head, into your heart, and be in your own Divine light, and heartbeat. Notice your light presence in your body.

Recognize yourself as a magnificent being of light, having a human experience. Remember that you are a Divine creation and the light of abundance and prosperity are within your soul essence, your spirit.

Merge with your Divine presence. See through the eyes of your spirit. Look at your life and the abundance in your daily life. Go deeper and notice the hidden blessings all around you. Believe in your resources and your own possibilities to create your world as you intend it. Thank yourself and appreciate your gifts and the ways you use them throughout your day.

Feel the rhythms of the Earth and Creator beating in your own heart and feel your prosperity come to life. Think of how well the Earth provides for you and how much Divine assistance you have. Receive the gifts given to you.
Intend Reiki light, continue to circle within you as you breathe.

Notice your body. Feel your physical presence. Be in your body fully. Feel the material world around you. Feel your feet solidly touch the Earth. Breathe deeply and come back into your space. Open your eyes and merge this experience with your day and your daily life.

You can do this meditation for a long time, or for a few minutes anytime it is needed. Simply breathe in Reiki light, intend that it travel down the front and up the back of you. Connect your heartbeat to the heartbeat of the Earth and of Creator. Notice and increase the light in your heart and remember that your spirit is made of the same light as the Earth and God. Invite Reiki and enlightened beings to your day. Feel the rhythms in your daily life during all of your activities.

We give thanks to our prosperous Earth. She provides for us abundantly.

The beauty of the trees, the softness of the air,
the fragrance of the grass, speaks to me
The summit of the mountain, the thunder of the sky,
the rhythm of the sea,
speaks to me.
The faintness of the stars, the freshness of the morning, the dew drop on the flower, speaks to me.
The strength of fire,
The taste of the sun,
And the life that never goes away, They speak to me.
And my heart soars.


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