Robyn Benelli

USUI/Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki®  Master

Animal Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher
Animal Communicator

Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association

Robyn provides Reiki as a complementary therapy to help reduce pain and stress, heal trauma, and most of empower true self and your life. She uses Reiki to access the healing powers we have inside of us, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Robyn believes that Reiki can help us access our higher consciousness. She helps her clients reach their full potential by using Reiki to help empower them and to discover their own intuition and inner guidance. Robyn helps her clients live a purposeful and meaningful life, using Reiki to aid them in making conscious decisions for long-term fulfillment. She uses Reiki for the continual pursuit of self-evolvement and also to help reveal practical solutions.

Robyn is a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master and practitioner at Reiki Lifestyle and has been a Reiki Master for over 15 years. She is also an Animal Reiki practitioner and teacher and Animal Communicator. She is a professional member of the Reiki Membership Association and contributing author to Reiki News Magazine. She is also the producer for the Reiki Lifestyle® Podcast which is one of her passions. She lives and practices just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Robyn is trained in the Soul-Healing technique by Colleen Benelli and in addition to giving Reiki in the (mostly traditional) hand positions her sessions are channelled out loud. Examples of healings that take place are:

In-person sessions are in Gresham, OR. Distance sessions are over the phone can be done internationally. Distance sessions are usually done with the client staying on the phone in a quiet place or laying down. Robyn uses Reiki and the bridge of light to connect into her distance clients. Distance sessions are just as effective as in person and Reiki allows Robyn to connect with her clients in a very deep way. She also does distance Animal Reiki sessions and combined caregiver/animal sesion.

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