Exploring the Twelve Heavens

By Colleen Benelli

First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Spring 2023.

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I am endlessly fascinated by spiritual experiences. So, when William Rand introduced the concept of the Twelve Heavens in Holy Fire® III Reiki, I immediately wanted to know more about them. William says, “This is a more nuanced understanding of metaphysical energies and…higher dimensional consciousness,” and wrote about the qualities of each of the Twelve Heavens. I explored the Heavens using the Reiki journey techniques, and used them in my classes and Reiki sessions with clients. The results were both exciting and profound. I discovered that they are divine spiritual realms we can travel to and experience advanced levels of consciousness. In addition, we can meet our spiritual guides in these realms that will help us with our Reiki work.

I knew I had to know more, so my daughter Robyn and I developed a six-month course to study them with others. We journeyed to two of the heavens each month, asked questions, and received answers, which were unique to each person, but also had notable similarities about the heavens. It was so fun and informative that I wanted to share the Reiki journey technique with the readers of the Reiki News Magazine.


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