The Spirit of Your Reiki Business

by Colleen Benelli
First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Spring 2013.
Artwork by Gaia Orion.

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Building a Reiki Practice is a creative, spiritual experience. We dream it into existence. Our ideas form in our imagination, and then we take action in the physicalnworld to manifest our dream. As we create our Reiki practice, it becomes real and it exists. Yet, in order for it to exist in the physical world, it must first exist in the spiritual world.

As soon as we decide we want a Reiki business it is born in the spiritual realms. As we send Reiki to our project and turn it over to the Reiki energy, it takes on a life of its own, becomes conscious and develops its own intention. As we follow this process we become inspired and energized to take the steps necessary to establish our business in the physical world.

As you connect with your Reiki business in the spiritual realms you can develop a more meaningful relationship with it. Then you can co-create with it in your daily life. It will offer you guidance, assist you on your path, and help you stay aligned with your dream. It can bring ideas and inspiration to you. Getting to know your Reiki business as Reiki energy you can communicate with will benefit you in many ways. It is your partner and advocate and will guide you in the goals you need to manifest it in the material world.

Reiki can introduce you to the spirit of your Reiki business. It can help you focus your mind so you can gain access to the divine intelligence available to you. It can help you create an ongoing relationship with the spiritual and energetic aspects of your business.

Reiki engages you directly with a divine source that is as interested in manifesting your physical and spiritual Reiki business as you are. Use Reiki to help you meet the spiritual energies of your Reiki business and give it form. You are actually creating it as it is creating itself with you.

Use the Reiki symbols to connect with the spiritual energies of your Reiki business. Invite the Illumined Beings who assist you in your work to join you in this. The Usui Distant Healing symbol, HSZSN, is a bridge of light you can activate to gain access to your Reiki business. The Mental/Emotional symbol, SHK, opens the field of all possibilities where the concepts of your Reiki business reside. SHK is also a spiritual translator and can help you with your communication with the spiritual aspects of your business and your ability to receive important information about it.

The Tibetan Master symbol FS activates the physical presence of the earth, which is needed because a Reiki business is a worldly activity. The Tibetan DKM manifests the energy and intentions it into form. All of the Reiki symbols create the connection to your Reiki business in their own unique way, so invite all the ones you are attuned to. The Karuna Reiki® symbols are all powerful for this as well. Let each Reiki symbol guide you.

Begin with your intention to meet and build a spiritual rela- tionship with your Reiki business. Invite Reiki to first heal your beliefs and limitations about this relationship then ask it to align and empower your connection to your Reiki business.


It took me awhile to get to know the spiritual consciousness of my Reiki business. That it existed in the spiritual realms in such a definite way was very much outside of my belief system. I felt a little awkward about it and felt kind of silly talking about it. However, I respected the people who told me to meet the spiritual aspect of my Reiki business and was willing to give it a try. Through the process, I realized how much healing I needed in order to release the fears and resistance I had to its existence. Would it have requirements that I didn’t want to meet? What if it wasn’t what I wanted? Did it have its own agenda? What were its expectations? What were my responsibilities? Did I sound nuts to even think it existed? I could go on and on with the fears I had in creating a Reiki business, let alone try to meet the spiritual part of it.

I have used Self Reiki and meditation to understand and heal my various fears around meeting and creating my Reiki business. I still do; it is an ongoing process as my Reiki business evolves. As I have healed, my resistances have faded. I have met and developed a spiritual relationship with my business, Reiki Lifestyle®. The first thing it told me was that it wanted a new name. I had originally named it The Color of Reiki. It was pretty, but too hard to identify. A friend of mine actually gave me the name Reiki Lifestyle®. He said that the spirit of my business had come to him in the night and told him to give me its name. I had a hard time switching names, but my internal guidance knew that he had been given accurate information. Now I love the name. Reiki Lifestyle® has helped me create its identity, and it has become a lifestyle for me and my business. This is just one result of the healing I have experienced through this relationship. There are many. You will experience your own healing through your personal needs and issues.

Ask Reiki to help you heal the areas where you have a resistance to the existence of your Reiki business. In William Lee Rand’s article, Creating a Thriving Reiki Practice, Part 1, he says, “In the development of a thriving Reiki practice, issues, problems and challenges are bound to arise. When this happens, always remember to call on Reiki to guide you through them. There will likely be something within yourself needing to heal. As you heal and release your inner issues, the outer issues will be resolved as well. This is the miracle of Reiki.”

Below are some examples of issues you may want to address. There will be others that are uniquely yours. Listen for these. Reiki will help you identify your problem areas in connecting on a spiritual level with your Reiki business. It will also aid you in identifying the areas of healing in the physical manifestation of your Reiki business. What are your limitations, realities, resources, etc? Where are you stuck in the dream and need to take more action? Spend time listening for the answers and observing the healing that takes place. By the way, I always ask for my healing and learning experiences to be gentle. There’s no need to do it the hard way. Sometimes the gentle version is hard enough! I ask Reiki to fill me with light as I invite the perfect healing within and without.

Activate the Reiki symbols you are attuned to. Begin Self Reiki with the following intentions for healing:


Reiki heals us by first releasing the lower vibrational energy trapped in our body, mind and spirit, and then it fills us back up with divine life force energy. It empowers our body, mind and spirit and returns us to our full vitality. While you are asking for Reiki to heal your issues, ask it to empower you and your intentions for your relationship with your Reiki business and your ability to manifest it in your daily life in the way that you dream it.

Ask Reiki to empower your mind. The Usui symbol SHK and the Karuna Reiki® symbol Gnosa, will bring you clarity and practicality. It is important to stay practical. It is necessary in all phases of a Reiki practice. Reiki is a very practical energy and healing method. It manifests physically in the world in powerful ways, as demonstrated by the fact that in 1980 there were 22 known Reiki Masters in the world and today there are millions all over the world. Reiki is very interested in being used for our practical healing needs and will assist all of us who want to create Reiki as a mainstream healing practice. However, we are the ones living our daily lives, and we have to take the actions needed in order for our Reiki businesses to become a reality that can support us financially. Ask Reiki to empower your mind to stay focused on the day-to-day tasks and practicalities of operating a small business.

Below are some examples of intentions that will empower your ability to get to know the spirit of your Reiki business and have a meaningful relationship with it. As with the healing, you will have your own unique circumstances and needs for empowerment. Listen to your heart and let it add intentions. In William’s follow-up article, Creating a Thriving Reiki Practice, Part 2, he says, “I began saying a prayer right after I received my Reiki I training. I said this prayer sincerely every day. It guided me to be a Reiki master and inspired me to develop my Reiki practice. It has continually created miraculous results in my life. The prayer is: Guide me and heal me so that I might be of greater service to others.”2 Add empowerment to every healing session, so as you are working with releasing and healing the above issues, you invite the Reiki symbols to empower you and awaken the divine intelligence in your life force.

Use all methods of Reiki to help you; use Self Reiki, meditation, Reiki in motion, Reiki sessions from others, etc. to connect with your Reiki business. Once you have realized its spiritual existence, take the time to give it access to you. Interact with it with intention. Ask questions then listen. Sometimes you will listen intently during Self Reiki or meditation; other times you may listen while you are driving or doing other activities.

Inspiration will come through as you open the door for the spiritual energy of your Reiki business to speak to you. Listen in all the ways you have available. There are no requirements. You can receive inspiration and ideas from a bumper sticker, a friend, a cloud or your own mind. Just let it come in whatever time and manner it can.

If you desire to create a Reiki business there are many first steps. You may take them one at a time, or you may take many steps at once. Getting to know the spiritual aspects of your Reiki business personally is a good step to take at any time as you build your Reiki business.

Your Reiki practices will help define your Reiki business and your Reiki business will help define your practices. Use Reiki practices to connect you to your business, and then let your business show you new Reiki practices. For instance, I made my living as an artist for 15 years and wondered what would happen to that creative part of me when I began to practice Reiki full time. My Reiki business directed me to add my Reiki Craft Projects, Reiki Photo Galleries, and SoulCollage® and Reiki to my Reiki practices, Reiki business and website. I felt guided to that decision even though I didn’t know how it would work. It is a lot of fun for me to create my craft projects, photography and SoulCollage® work with Reiki. It satisfies a part of my spirit and gives me joy. It is fascinating to me that the spirit of my Reiki business participates in the manifestation of my actual daily Reiki business, Reiki Lifestyle®.


Enjoy the spirit of your Reiki business as a friend. Let it coa- lesce into a physical manifestation by acknowledging its exis- tence as a conscious energy. Remember that it is guided by a divine source that knows you and your intentions for your Reiki practice. Give it a name and interact with it in order to develop an ongoing relationship with it. Remember to consult your Reiki practice and listen to the advice and guidance you receive when making important decisions. It is a partnership, and it will assist you in defining your work. When you create your Reiki business, you manifest it in the spiritual world before1it manifests in the physical world. You dream it into existence.

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