Reiki for Spiritual Guidance

by Colleen Benelli

First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Fall 2018. Artwork by Gaia Orion. Artwork by Gaia Orion

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REIKI AND SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE GO TOGETHER. Reiki naturally guides and empowers our higher consciousnessand unifies it with our everyday consciousness, so that we can act with purpose in our lives. Reiki can guide you to answers for your questions whether they are practical, philosophical or spiritual in nature. It can help you develop skill with active and divine listening, with receiving divine guidance and using intuition and discernment so you can purposefully apply the divine guidance in your daily life.

Reiki consciousness can bring you to the deepest part of your authentic self to set personal goals and show ways to achievethem by revealing innovative ideas and action steps and untapped resources as pathways to your soul’s purpose. Two excellent ways to access Reiki consciousness for spiritual guidance are the use of Reiki symbols and entering a “journey state” where the ability to create, manifest and heal is most effective.

Reiki will help you develop the skills of active and divine listening, discernment, receiving divine guidance and help you to apply it to your daily life. Using Reiki for spiritual guidance will help you live purposefully in every moment.

Reiki Consciousness in the Symbols

Many Reiki masters have written about using Reiki energy to access higher consciousness and spiritual guidance. Rei means spiritually guided, Ki means life force energy, so Reiki is Ki that is guided by spiritual consciousness and is defined as spiritually guided life energy.(1) We can see from the descriptions of Reiki that Reiki consciousness can be used as a method of individual spiritual
guidance for self-discovery.

Reiki consciousness originates in divine spiritual realms. Since Reiki activates your higher consciousness and connects it to divine consciousness, Reiki unifies the physical and spiritual
realms. Reiki symbols give access to this external divine source of spiritual guidance when seeking answers to questions. The essence of the Reiki consciousness in each Reiki symbol is a specific
vibration of consciousness, divine qualities and purpose, creating pathways to self-discovery. By aligning you with divine consciousness each symbol can, in its own unique way, activate guidance
through intuition, imagination, inspiration, innovation and inventiveness and many other ways.

You can empower personal goals and intentions and manifest with CKR; seek options for emotional and mental situations through SHK; use HSZSN to receive inspiration for handling past, present or future situations or people, working at a deep level of being where there is no time and space. According to Doi Sensei, “The third symbol is said to mean, I become one with God…the root of every being is the right consciousness. The true consciousness is the resonance (unity) of the Great Universe and the little universe (human).”(2)

The Usui Master Symbol DKM sends an invitation, “Great Being of the Universe, shine on me, be my friend.” It also means “Treasure House of the Great Beaming Light.”(3) “Use of the Usui DKM in conjunction with Reiki creates a noticeably strongerchannel between the Physical Self and the Higher Self. This allows more of the unlimited wisdom and power of God to manifest directly on the physical plane. It intensifies and focuses the Reiki energy, causing it to establish positive results in a definite, grounded and permanent way. ”(4) Doi Sensei says the Usui Master symbol is “known as the symbol that leads us to Universal consciousness and gives us the Light…It produces the heightened effect that leads us straight to spiritual development. ”(5)

Hiroshi Doi Sensei also says, “Use the fourth symbol to connect to the vibration of the spiritual leaders who have reached the higher stages: the benevolence of Buddha, the love of Jesus Christ, the wisdom of Einstein, the spirituality of Gandhi, the mercy of Mother Teresa and so on…to connect to your Higher-Self.” He says the DKM “brings the guidance from the higher dimensions, allows one to know the meaning of life and one’s mission and to live a full life… the symbol permeates into the user’s body to give great awareness.”(6)

Reiki consciousness can be powerfully revealed through the Holy Fire Symbol as Holy Fire “spontaneously provides guidance that is palatable for every level of life experience.”(7) Holy Fire is
continuously working on your behalf to purify, heal, empower and give guidance.

A Reiki Journey for Spiritual Guidance

A second way that Reiki energy can be used for spiritual guidance is to enter a “journey state.” A journey state is when a person enters an altered state of consciousness to connect with spiritual dimensions and spiritual guides to obtain guidance, information, healing and empowerment. Many Reiki practitioners tell me they are familiar with the shamanic journey, which uses a drumbeat rhythm and intention to enter the “non- ordinary reality.” Although I am a skilled shamanic practitioner, I use Reiki and HSZSN instead of a drumbeat to access a journey state of consciousness. I travel to the Holy Fire spiritual realms for my healing work and spiritual guidance and guides with Reiki. Laurelle Gaia says, “Within moments of resting one’s awareness in this stream of consciousness our brain waves shift. We find ourselves in a meditation condition. Without meditating to reach the Theta-state, we simply merge our waking consciousness with the Reiki energy. It is from this space that our ability to create, manifest and heal is most effective.”(8)

Reiki can help in developing several essential skills to use when choosing to journey for guidance. These include listening, using your intuition to receive guidance and having discernment when receiving information. During spiritual travel to heightened states of consciousness and specific spiritual realms, Reiki can help you understand what spiritual realm and which spirit guides you are working with, to discern where spiritual guidance is coming from and whether it is a helpful source of exact information.

Holy Fire Reiki and Spiritual Guidance

For the last four years, I have worked exclusively with the Holy Fire Reiki energy to learn about it and how it works. I use HSZSN to travel to the Holy Fire spiritual realms for individual spiritual guidance for self-discovery.

When Holy Fire Reiki was first introduced, I committed to working with it exclusively to gain insight into its energy and its’ spiritual teachers. When I asked Holy Fire why it chose to manifest through Reiki, what is different about it, how it heals and so forth, the Holy Fire Reiki energy itself led me to profound answers. It continues to reveal answers to my questions in my Reiki sessions and in my personal life while also guiding me to the questions I want to ask.

Holy Fire Reiki classes begin the process of teaching students how to access their higher consciousness through three avenues—Reiki Experiences, the Placement and Ignition style of attunement and the spiritual concept of the Three Heavens.

In Reiki Experiences, Holy Fire guides each student into a journey state of consciousness with a short meditation, to spiritual locations such as the Ocean of Holy Love, the River of Life and the Heavenly Banquet Hall where students are guided by the Holy Fire energy into their own inner experience. Experiences teach the student how to travel to a spiritual location where the divine guidance is from an enlightened source.

In the Ignition and Placement style of attunements, the Reiki energy goes directly to the student rather than through the teacher to the student. This empowers the students to immediately receive their own direct connection to Reiki and to spiritual guidance.

Holy Fire Reiki teaches a concept called the Three Heavens to give a general description of three frequencies of spiritual realms. This provides students with an awareness of the importance of knowing the source of any energy with which they work while also knowing that Reiki’s energy is from the highest level—third heaven energy.

In my experience, the longer people practice Reiki, the more they access their higher feelings and receive journey-like impressions during Reiki sessions. Some skills can be developed to help you become more keenly aware of guidance.

Reiki Journey Skills

There are valuable skills you can develop for journeying with Reiki and Reiki will help you master them. They are active and divine listening, accessing intuition through “clair” senses and learning the art of discernment.

Listening—There is active listening and divine listening. Active listening is listening with your ears, divine listening is listening with your heart. Skilled active listening leads to skilled divine listening. In “Listen with Reiki,” for Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2007, I wrote:

“Reiki has taught me how to listen with my entire being. I now listen not just with my ears but also with my whole bodyand with all my senses and perceptions. I learned how to activate my senses, heighten my perceptions, and open my chakras to listen with my whole self. Think of how much
more you can hear if you use all of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.”(9)

“As Reiki practitioners, we listen to our inner worlds as well as to the outer world. When we listen with Reiki, we are listening to spiritually guided life force energy. When we ask a question or state an intention with Reiki and then listen for the answer, we know that our spiritual life force is guiding us and that the guidance is coming from our highest source. When we listen with Reiki, our inner guidance is easier to hear and understand.”(10)

Listen for the answers. Sometimes they come right away andsometimes not for days, weeks, or even years. Just keep asking and listening until you hear the answers. Listen to your body and inner self. Focus and really feel Reiki flow through yourself.

Intuition and understanding your “clair” senses—Reiki can increase your authentic intuition. It can help you understand your “clair” senses. How does your intuition work for you? Do you “see” or “hear” your intuition, or smell it or taste it? Here are helpful definitions:

Clairvoyance means clear seeing.
Clairaudience means clear hearing.
Clairsentience means clear physical feeling.
Clairalience means clear smelling.
Clairgustance means clear tasting.
Claircognizance means clear knowing.
Clairempathy means clear emotional feeling.

Intellectual intuition is when a person “thinks” their intuition—hearing their intuition in their own voice and thoughts. I see this intuitive style in my Reiki classes during the Byosen scanning training and through shared student Holy Fire Reiki experiences during class. It is most common in people with
more analytical, logical, left-brain dominant minds. This typeof intuition is often misunderstood and undervalued because it is perceived as the person’s own thoughts. However, they enter a state I call the bright mind, and they learn to discern the difference. Once understood, intellectual intuition is as powerful as all the clair senses.

Information is revealed to us in many ways. Sometimes the information comes to us outside of the journey—something someone says, a lyric of a song, a hawk flying by, a voice in your head, a thought, an insight, a sudden knowing, a revelation that happens in any moment. It often takes longer or is subtler than we want and sometimes our own expectations and agendas get in our way. This is when the skill to “get out of the way” comes in. Reiki can help with this too. Reiki empowers inner peace, so we can allow spiritual guidance to be revealed.

Spiritual Awareness Exercise

Here is an exercise that can help you begin to understand your intuition style and your primary or preferred natural clair sense.

Activate your Reiki symbols. Close your eyes. Imagine you are holding a red rubber ball, like the ones you played with on aschool playground. Bounce the ball on the ground. Now throw it against a wall across the way from you, it bounces back to you. Hold the ball in your hands, notice the texture. Lift the ball to your nose and smell the ball. Now touch the ball to your tongue and taste the ball. Now set the ball down.

Open your eyes and take a moment to think about your experience with the ball. Did you see the ball, or taste the ball, or hear the ball, could you smell the ball? Which clair sense was obvious? Which one was not there?

Let Reiki help you notice your intuitive style in your daily life. Reiki will empower your intuition which will give you a greater ability to hear divine guidance and your inner guidance.

Discernment—It is essential to know the source of the energy and guidance you are working with. Discernment is one of the most important skills when you journey with Reiki. With a developed discernment you can trust the information you receive. Reiki helps your discernment by giving divine guidance and connecting it to your inner guidance. One of the most common questions I hear from students when first learning to journey is, “How do I know I didn’t make this up?” It is an important question. I embrace my natural discernment. I listen, then I listen more.

Laurelle Gaia says this about trusting your spiritual discernment, “When you become silent and you think about or meditate on the guidance you are receiving, listen to the silence within. Do you feel comfortable, or uneasy? Do you feel peaceful and still from the depths of your soul? Do you feel your own Divine power? When you feel peace, you have found your answer.”(11)

Discernment if journeying for others—“Get out of the way.” Most of us have heard that phrase. In my experience, it is an ongoing practice to develop greater and greater abilities to move ego and personality aside for the highest benefit. This is the discernment skill you will use for all the other skills.

Integrity is foremost if you use your Reiki journey skills for spiritual guidance for others. If you are a Reiki professional, it is essential that you understand your accuracy in receiving and relaying information on behalf of your client. You must also stay within the scope of your practice and methods as a Reiki professional.

You are never responsible for relaying information you receive for a client in a Reiki session. You have the right to discern what you share and what you keep to yourself. However, if you do decide to share information, merely share what your intuition tells you to share. Do not interpret the information even if you think you know what it is about, or it seems completely random. It is always up to the client to interpret and discern any information for themselves. Remember, Reiki is about inner guidance. Reiki will also guide your clients.

It is also important to honor proper time and manner when journeying for others or even receiving psychic impressions. For instance, I do not allow information to come in for others if they did not ask
me. I journey for clients in my Reiki sessions but not in my Reiki circles. When clients come to me for sessions, they are aware that it is possible I will receive information from Reiki for them. When people
attend Reiki circles, they come to learn and share Reiki. It is an entirely different space, so I do not evenactivate my journey abilities.

Observe the Results

Be objective about your results when you journey for spiritual guidance. Included in the International Center for Reiki Training’s “Center Philosophy” are three statements of value to consider—“Being open to results rather than attached to them; Placing greater value on learning from experience and inner guidance than on the teachings of an outside authority; Basing the value of a theory or technique on the verifiable results it helps one achieve.”(12) These are excellent points to consider when looking at the results of your spiritualinquiry. Be objective and observe your results.

Your logical mind should always have a voice in determining the value of your work. Your personal experience and practical thinking play an equal part in your discernment. Sometimes people say, “I received it from spiritual guidance” and believe they must follow that guidance regardless of what their logical mind says. Reiki will empower higher consciousness and align it with your ordinary consciousness revealing divine solutions that your logical mind can apply in practical ways.

Putting It All Together

Reiki and spiritual guidance go together. By using the Reiki consciousness of the symbols and entering a journey state—where the ability to create, manifest and heal is most effective—you will find that Reiki will guide you to the answers to your questions. Each of the Reiki symbols empower higher consciousness and the Reiki energy unifies it with our ordinary consciousness. Reiki will help you develop the skills of active and divine listening, discernment, receiving divine guidance and help you to apply it to your daily life. Using Reiki for spiritual guidance will help you live purposefully in every moment.


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Colleen Benelli is a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher for the ICRT and teaches Holy Fire III Reiki  in Portland, OR. She is an Associate Teacher at the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. Listen to her podcast, The Reiki Lifestyle® Podcast on iTunes or on her website. Colleen can be contacted by email at and through her website,

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