Imbue Your Sacred Objects with Reiki

by Colleen Benelli & Robyn Benelli

First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Summer 2018. Artwork by Gaia Orion

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“IMBUE WITH REIKI” means to fill a physical object, space, or event with Reiki energy. Other terms for imbuing an object with Reiki might be, empower with Reiki, fill with Reiki, place intentions with Reiki or bless with Reiki. For example, when we set up a Reiki World Peace Crystal Grid, we “imbue” the crystals with Reiki energy. We place Reiki and intention into the crystals so that they broadcast Reiki continuously for the intention placed into the grid. Why imbue with Reiki? Simply because when we do, we can more powerfully feel the incredible support of Reiki energy physically, spatially, in the moment, and into the future.

I have written many articles for Reiki News Magazine in which I discuss how to fill ordinary things with Reiki to transform them into sacred items, how to create Reiki gifts filled with intention, or how to turn everyday items into sacred ceremonial objects. I summarize several of these articles below to provide an overview of creative possibilities for imbuing items with Reiki, and Robyn provides instructions for the five-step process.

It is possible to use Reiki to imbue any ordinary object or project with beautiful intentions for yourself or others—knitted items, children’s crafts, ceremonial objects such as a Burning Bowl or a Talking Stick, as well as crystals for weddings or centerpieces and even everyday consumer items.

The first article I wrote for Reiki News Magazine in the Winter 2005 issue was, “Reiki and Knitting.” I mention, “It is profound to knit with the intention of creating Reiki tools. You can knit scarves or shawls imbued with healing prayer to use during sessions.  Knit gratitude into a scarf. I knit scarves with Reiki and place intention into them then donate them to hospitals for children.”1 Before I knit, I imbue the yarns with Reiki using the five step process described below. I taught my grandkids many craft projects including how to imbue rocks with Reiki and blessings, decorate them and leave them in places for people to find. 2

Ceremonial objects can be imbued with Reiki to support your ceremonies. I wrote about using Reiki to empower an ordinary bowl and salt for a Reiki Burning Bowl in “Reiki and the Burning Bowl,” saying, “Draw all the Reiki symbols to which you are attuned over the bowl. Beam Reiki into the bowl with your hands. Fill your breath with Reiki and the intention that the bowl is sacred and blow Reiki into the center of the bowl. Intend that the bowl and the fire receive the prayers of the people and send them to the light.

The Reiki Talking Stick is another example of an ordinary object turned into a sacred object. The stick is imbued with Reiki to support honest communication. I made my own Reiki Talking Stick and embellished it with beads, leather, a feather and crystals while also imbuing each object with Reiki. They became unified with the stick and the intention for truth in communications and divine solutions.
4 My grandkids made their own Reiki Talking Stick. I am excited for them to grow up both knowing how to imbue objects with Reiki and with this method of communicating. 5 My website contains the instructions on how to make your own Reiki Talking Stick.6

You can also imbue your gifts with Reiki and intentions, whether homemade or purchased. In “Reiki Gifts for the Holidays,” I write, “Handmade Gifts are fun to make and wonderful to receive. Add Reiki as you create and begin sending blessings to the person your gift is intended for as you work. The gift will begin giving right away. In addition, you will receive Reiki as you are imbuing your project, so the gift gives to you, too. Reiki will flow long after giving the gift and the blessings will be felt for a long time. It is easy to fill your project with Reiki—simply activate Reiki while you work. You can meditate while you work or you can ask Reiki to fill the space around you and your project while you watch TV, talk or do multiple things at once. It is nice to meditate while creating but not always possible. Reiki will fill your gift regardless of your activity level.

It is possible to imbue spaces, events, meetings and more with Reiki. Two ceremonies which imbue Reiki energy into objects, spaces, and events are, “The Blessing Way Ceremony” and the “Reiki Gratitude Ceremony.” In “The Blessing Way Ceremony,” guests imbue beads or crystals with their blessings for a couple during their wedding ceremony or blessings for a new baby during the baby shower. I use the five steps to imbue and prepare the beads and crystals with Reiki in advance so they are ready to receive the blessings from the guests.

At a wedding which I recently officiated, each guest received a crystal when they arrived and they held them while I said the prayer to bless the couple’s marriage. My instructions were, “This is a Blessing Ceremony asking God, and you Heather and Ivan, and each of you, the guests here tonight, to bless this marriage. I ask all of you now to join me in blessing Heather and Ivan and their marriage. Open your hearts, bless the crystal you are holding with your love and support for them, and bless them with a long, successful and happy life together.  Do this in your own way with your own words. After the ceremony return your crystals to the singing bowl. Heather and Ivan will take them home and they will continuously broadcast your blessings in a living prayer for them and their marriage.” Later, when at a baby shower for Heather, I invited each guest to hold a crystal, open their heart and bless the crystal with their prayers for the baby. I imbued a crystal with my blessings and said prayers, meaningful to the parents, aloud for everyone to hear. We placed the crystals in beautiful Reiki-imbued bowls for the couple and baby to put in their home as the crystals will continuously broadcast the blessings instilled in them.

The “Reiki Gratitude Ceremony” has become a tradition at the New York and Sedona Reiki Retreats. Several of us create the centerpieces for the ceremony imbuing all parts of the centerpiece with Reiki. In my article, “Reiki and Gratitude,” I say, “Make a centerpiece of flowers and place within them one
large candle and a tea candle for each participant and imbue the centerpiece with Reiki.”8 Pam and Don McMahon are the ceremonial singers for the Gratitude Ceremony, and they infuse their songs with Reiki so the Reiki gratitude energy is also delivered through music. It is such a beautiful ceremony as we gather together to pray, receive grace and express gratitude for ourselves and the world. We send the power of our ceremony to the World Peace Crystal Grids William Rand placed at the North and South Poles, Jerusalem, and the Reiki centers in Michigan and Hawaii.

In “Creating a Reiki Ceremony,” I suggest, “Ask that the space, each participant, the ceremony and you be filled with Divine qualities of love, light, truth, beauty, grace, gratitude and ease. Ask Reiki to fill you with light and presence of mind. When you send Reiki and prayer ahead of time it is easier to be present and focused at the time of the ceremony.”9 Such a request applies to any type of life ceremony, traditional as well as non-traditional.

Reiki can also imbue an intention into everyday items to assist with manifesting ideas and goals. In another of my Reiki News Magazine articles, “Reiki Heals Mind Chatter,” I talk about the Reiki Waste Can, a trashcan with Reiki symbols and crystals on the inside, its purpose is to provide a place to throw away unwanted thoughts literally. Writing down these thoughts and throwing them into the Reiki Waste Can gives a physical experience of releasing mind garbage. The can is imbued with Reiki and the intention to let go and change the mind and it then receives unwanted thoughts and heals them and the situation over which I am obsessing. You can also imbue an index card box with Reiki, write your ideas and put them in the Reiki-filled box to empower and manifest them. I also explain how to use Epsom salt and rubbing alcohol, imbued with Reiki, for house clearing. 10

You may imbue medicines, food and water with Reiki. We recently imbued blood during a blood transfusion, medication during chemotherapy and vitamins to add vitality to the nutrition they provide. I imbue my food with Reiki to increase its life force energy; and drinking water blessed with Reiki is powerful! I have also imbued and blessed water with Reiki for ceremonies and my Reiki sessions. As the person drinks the water, I see the water flowing into the person hydrating their cells with life force energy from Reiki. Reiki-blessed water can be sprinkled to bless your home and you can imbue your pet’s water and food with Reiki, particularly if they are ill or struggling.

I imbue my sacred items with Reiki and I fill my home with them, including my altar, which is in my office during sessions and classes. As I do, I can feel the support of Reiki through my sacred objects; they contribute to filling the room with beautiful energy throughout my day.

The articles mentioned here are available in past issues of Reiki News Magazine and are free downloads on Colleen’s website,

Remember, you can make this as long or as short as you want. Sometimes you have time; sometimes you do not, there is not a right or wrong way. It still works even if you do a 10-second version. If the item is not small enough to fit in your hands, you can use your hands to project Reiki, the Gyoshi Ho technique with your eyes, use the symbols, just think it using the distance symbol, HSZSN. It is also possible to imbue many items at once using the five steps. I make Rainbow Maker Crystal Trees, and I beam Reiki to all the crystals at once to accomplish all five steps. These steps are adaptable so feel free to play around and make the process your own!

We have provided many examples of how you may use these five steps to clear, thank, imbue, intend, and seal your ordinary objects to turn them into sacred objects filled with Reiki and your beautiful intentions. The objects will support you with Reiki. Enjoy creating your own! Your ordinary objects can become sacred objects filled with Reiki and intention!

Five Steps to Imbue Sacred Objects with Reiki

All the different examples mentioned in our article used the following five steps to imbue ordinary objects with Reiki:

There are many ways to accomplish these steps. They can be done in an extended meditation or with a quick “on the fly” version. Anyone at any level of Reiki can use them and they are adaptable to your style. I love imbuing objects while in deep meditation and find myself veering off into far and deep places of gratitude, thanksgiving, the energy of Reiki, and sometimes being shown more about the object and its history. It can be enjoyable!

For this detailed explanation I will use the example of imbuing a quartz crystal. If you have not been attuned to the symbols just activate Reiki and imagine beautiful Reiki energy flowing into the crystal for all the steps. You can follow my rituals or develop your own.

Activate your Reiki and place Reiki energy in the room around you, then begin.

1. Clear: Use Reiki, the Power Symbol (CKR) and the Distant symbol (HSZSN) to release any unwanted or negative energy from your object. 

Hold the crystal in your hand, draw a CKR over the item, ask for unwanted energy to be cleared, imagine it wholly cleared. Use HSZSN to send the unwanted energy into the bridge of light to heal.  CKR releases the energy into the light of love. There are other ways to clear items such as with sage, salt, sunshine or moonshine. However, I use Reiki because it is so versatile, working anywhere and with anything.

2. Thank you: Use the Distant Symbol (HSZSN) to flow into the bridge of light and give thanks for everything that made it possible for this crystal to be in your hands today.  

I say thank you to the Earth for creating the crystal, the crystal beds, miners and workers who brought it to the surface, the shipyard workers, the business owners, etc. I create a bridge of light to all of them to thank them and send them good health and prosperity. This step is personally my favorite and the one that I find takes me on the deepest meditation. I think about what it took in all of time and space for this one little item to be in my hands today. I have been taken far back into thanking our ancestors for inventing the things they did to make it possible, and even all the way back to the point of creation! This step allows my spirit to wander and fill with the awe and wonder of life, as well as the overwhelming gratitude for this world, the people in it and the incredibly inventive nature of humanity!

3. Imbue: Imbue means to fill your item with beautiful Reiki energy. 

You have cleared it; now you need to fill it back up! You are going to use all the Reiki symbols in this step and the Koki Ho breathing technique. Hold the item in your hand and intend CKR in your mouth, breathe in to extend your navel and when you exhale, send your breath and the CKR into the item. Repeat with SHK and HSZSN and other Reiki symbols to which you have been attuned. *

The Reiki symbols help support the intentions you place into your object. I find I can feel the Reiki in the object.

4. Intend: Now place your intention into your item.

I use all the symbols but find that the Mental/Emotional symbol SHK is powerful in this step. The crystal I imbued for this example will go on my altar in the Reiki room. It is imbued with healing for others and myself, distance Reiki, divine guidance, prosperity and gratitude. I like to use my breath with Koki-Ho for this step too. I place each of my intentions in my mouth and use the Koki-Ho, healing with breath technique, to breathe the intentions into the item. You can do this as little or as much as you want!

5. Seal: In this last step we are going to sealthe item with Reiki.

This step is like sealing a Reiki session, it seems like a small thing but it is vital! Draw CKR over your item and say, “I seal this item with love and light and ask that no unwanted energy goes into it.”
This step keeps all the energy that you just put into it sealed within it undisturbed by any outside influence.

Thank Reiki for the experience and divine assistance and you are done! You now have a sacred or other object imbued with Reiki and projecting your intentions! n

Colleen also provides a guided meditation for using the five steps to imbue objects with Reiki on her website, —Robyn Benelli

* William Lee Rand, Reiki, The Healing Touch (Southfield, MI, 1991), 58.

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