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ReikiChat™ Community Questions
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[divider] Q: Can you do Reiki when you are in grief or have really hard things going on in your life? Can you give Reiki to someone else or yourself? A: Absolutely, even in hard times I still have my feelings but Reiki gets me in touch with my spirit and the true source of joy. Feelings, to me are a true form of expression but my inner state of being is still one of joy with Reiki. Reiki gives me greater ability to achieve that state of joy, love truth and beauty. when you are giving Reiki, Reiki is doing all the work. Your state of being is not going to affect the results of Reiki. You might effect the experience of that person if you are having a bad day but its not about me its about the person and Reiki will take care of us both. Q. What do you think about distant attunements vs in person attunements. A: Truthfully I think all of wish we could get attunements long distance, some have great experience. I had Reiki attunements in person so that is all I can go by. Students that I have who have had distance attunements say there is a very big difference between in person and distance, not as strong. We hoped Holy Fire could be given distance but it guided us not to do it. Never one to be the “Reiki Police” . Q: How can I balance myself as a practitioner? A: Self Reiki, balance charkras Q What was my inspiration finding the right clients? A: Crating a Reiki business is the same as creating any other small business whether a chiropractor or massage therapist would. My personal inspiration was I couldn’t do as much Reiki as I wanted and still do another job. I need to support myself financially and teach kids at younger age the empowerment of Reiki. Set the intention the kind of students and clients I wanted to have, people who were authentic and had desire to do Reiki, people who want the best for the world. Authenticity. Use crystals to send Reiki to my practice, use the distance symbol. Q: What if I don’t get answers when I meditate? A: Don’t be so hard on yourself…signs can come in different ways. We are in different cycles. Maybe you are getting answers but don’t like what you hear. Persistence. Power symbol. Q: What happens if I get emotional during a session? A: Treat yourself with love let it be okay. Trust and listen if there is more you need to know about it. (if it doesn’t happen all the time). Q: Why isn’t Reiki covered by insurance? A: Value being more recognized, keep working at it. A caller called in and said she uses “Superbill” which is way easier than billing insurance. Q: What is Soul Collage? A: process created by creating cards 5×8, read cares, create divination decks. Process combined with Reiki, do readings. I have images copyright free on my website you are welcome to use