Discover: An Online Beginner Course

You’ve taken a Reiki Class…Now What?

Reveal your authentic self and Discover your true purpose with Reiki 

Learn the Reiki skills to find your power within to do exceptional things

Learn Reiki Journey techniques to align your intuition and inner guidance with the the power of the universe to live a conscious and fulfilled life

Month 1: Reiki Journey Techniques for yourself

Month 2: Your Intuition Style

Month 3: Listening skills empower inner guidance

Month 4:  Distance Journey’s for others and the “clair” senses

Month 5: Guided Journey by Colleen – Bridge of Conscious Choice and Revealing your authentic self

Month 6: Guided Journey by Colleen – Reflection

Month 7: Ceremony & Celebration

Registration coming soon

*Must have Reiki 1&2 to participate