Karuna Master Sept 16-18, 2024

You will be certified as a Holy Fire 3 Karuna Reiki® Master upon completion of this workshop.

Holy Fire 3 Karuna Reiki® is described as the Reiki system of Divine Compassion. It is the energy of compassionate action, compassion combined with wisdom. Holy Fire 3 Karuna Reiki® assists us in healing the qualities that are out of alignment with divine love. It connects us to the higher vibration within and of the world around us. Through this connection, we begin to see our lives with new eyes.

The Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® workshop is a three-day intensive. After completing this class, you will be a full Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master, able to practice all the techniques and give all the ignitions to Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki®.

You must have been a Usui Reiki Master for at least six months to take Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master training.

Certificate of Completion is available for all Reiki classes for professionals. This is an added benefit of our training programs, and this service is offered at no additional charge. You may turn this Certificate of Completion into your licensing or certification board for potential credit toward your continuing education or contact hours for your license or certificate. Each state board, state, national board or licensing agency makes its own decision on whether to accept this form and how many hours, if any, to accept for Reiki classes. Please request the certificate when registering for a class.

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Class times are 9am to 6:30pm Pacific time each day.

Online via Zoom.

Class cost: $1295 ($325 non-refundable deposit)

This Reiki Class Includes a subscription to the Reiki News Magazine!

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