14 Hot Questions About Holy Fire Reiki

1. What is Holy Fire Reiki?
Holy Fire is the flame of divine love that our spirit and life force is made of, the spark of God that exists in everything. The energy and vibration of the Holy Fire Reiki master symbol comes directly from Source, “where all there is, is love,” the place of pure consciousness, beyond duality, form, and individuation. It is beyond masculine and feminine, it is pure love, which is at the core of all of creation. When we invite the symbols of Holy Fire Reiki, we are directly connected to the source and guidance of pure divine love. Unconditional love.

2. Why Holy Fire Reiki Now?
Holy Fire Reiki has told me that it is among many versions of this energy coming to the Earth right now in answer to our collective prayers. Humanity is asking to reach new levels of consciousness and free will. Holy Fire Reiki is responding to humanity to assist in uniting us. In particular it is coming to people through Reiki because Reiki belongs to all beliefs and is easy to learn and practice. The very high vibrational energies of Holy Fire are ready to become available to the masses.

3. Holy Fire Reiki Sounds Religious, is it?
Holy Fire is not intended to have a religious meaning. The word holy has its root meaning to be whole and complete and this is how it is used in Holy Fire. In my experience, Holy Fire is the energy of the “Source of All Existence.” Whatever a person calls that source is fine. It can be the original Big Bang, Pure Consciousness, God, Mother/Father God, Source, etc. There is no religion, politics or dogma or required belief system in Holy Fire Reiki. It is a healing method to help us be whole.

4. Holy Fire Reiki Terminology?
The terminology of Holy Fire Reiki sounds as if it has a Christian background: Holy Spirit, The Three Heavens, Divine Revelation, Holy Love, etc. At first, I struggled with this because of my own resistance to the names. As I worked with Holy Fire, I was shown that this beautiful healing energy belongs to us all. It was never meant to be in the domain of a specific religion, politics, or to have dogma attached to it. The names do reflect their nature and combining them with Reiki will give them the ability to work easily with anyone who wants to work with them.

Holy Fire Reiki is inclusive of all people, without judgment. And because these vibrations are combined with Usui Reiki, they are accessible to everyone regardless of religion, spirituality, or political ideals. The energy heals simply because a person invites it. It is not required that it is believed in, in any particular way. It is here to help us heal, using Divine guidance and power to heal our spirit, mind and our body.

The ignitions to Holy Fire Reiki provide the same simplicity as all Reiki. As Mrs. Takata taught, “Reiki on, Reiki off.” It is that simple. Anyone can learn it and use it successfully for healing themselves and others. It makes sense that Holy Fire would present itself as a Reiki healing method at this time in history. It is probably the first time in history that it is possible to actually move the energy out of religion and politics to become available to everyone.

5. Many People Are Describing Similar Vibrations as Holy Fire Coming To Them, Are They The Same?
Many practitioners of other healing modalities are speaking to me about Source energy coming to them that is beyond form and duality. They are experiencing love at the core of existence by a variety of names. In my experience, just like Reiki, each vibration is its own, Holy Fire Reiki is a specific energy accessed by the Holy Fire Reiki master symbol.

6. Can I use my other healing modalities with Holy Fire Reiki?
It is recommended that a person work with Holy Fire Reiki by itself initially to get to know it. This is recommended as in these early stages Holy Fire needs the ability to teach us about it without the other influences of all our other modalities. This is a recommendation, not a requirement.

The combination of Holy Fire and Usui Reiki is unique. I am still learning about its nature, so at this point, I am working exclusively with Holy Fire Reiki. I have said “yes” to the Holy Fire energy and am committed getting to know it and how it works. That way when I talk about it and use it in my Reiki sessions, I will understand its healing nature better. The idea of focusing on it makes sense to me.

7. What about the Reiki I use now, do I have to switch to Holy Fire Reiki in order to practice and teach?
Holy Fire Reiki is an amazing energy. You will know if you are guided to receive your ignitions to it. Many people will be guided to stay with the Reiki they currently work with. In the case of the ICRT Usui/Tibetan Reiki lineage, the teaching manuals will still be available and the system is completely honored. As in all Reiki, there is no competition between Holy Fire and the other lineages. Each person is guided to the right teacher and energy at the right time. Holy Fire Reiki completely honors our free will and all lineages. (But you are going to love it if you do receive it! 🙂

8. Is Usui Reiki Part of Holy Fire Reiki?
Yes, all four of the Usui Reiki Symbols are part of the Holy Fire Reiki healing techniques. I believe that Holy Fire Reiki chose Usui Reiki as its pathway to humanity because Usui Reiki is a simple method of healing that anyone can learn and do. Holy Fire is another vibration that is responding to the collective prayers of people all over the world for a world with higher consciousness. Combining Holy Fire with Usui Reiki gives more people easy access to the Holy Fire healing energies. Usui Reiki is inclusive of everyone and anyone can learn it. It has no religion, or dogma or politics. It works with every belief system. Usui Sensei was praying for the ability to have divine peace in every moment of his life when Reiki was given to him on Mt. Kurama. The vibration of Holy Fire is an evolution of that prayer for the 21st century. Humanity has become global and we are asking for a higher consciousness and peace. Holy Fire is what has answered our prayers today and comes to us through the avenue of Usui Reiki because they are both vibrations of love and peace. They have the same goal for the earth; to answer our prayers and support us with our intentions providing the assistance of divine guidance and healing. They heal us and align us with divine peace and love.

Reiki I & II are still taught in the same way and the students receive attunements to the three Usui Reiki symbols. Students are attuned to the Usui master symbol in Reiki III/ART. The Holy Fire master symbol is “ignited” in the Reiki Master class.

9. What is the difference between a Reiki attunement and a Reiki ignition?
The Usui Reiki attunements are given for all four Usui Reiki symbols. The ignition is given for the Holy Fire Reiki master symbol. An attunement to the Usui symbol is connecting our soul to the divine essence of Reiki and the ignition is connecting our spirit to the divine essence of Reiki. When a Reiki master is giving an attunement the energy flows through her to the student. In a Holy Fire Reiki ignition the energy flows directly from Source to the student. It doesn’t pass through the Reiki master first.

10. How Are Holy Fire Reiki Sessions Given?
Holy Fire Reiki sessions are given in the same way as all Reiki sessions. It is also used for distance Reiki and self-Reiki. It is activated the same way.

11. What about the Tibetan Reiki Master Symbols?
In Holy Fire Reiki, we continue to work with the four traditional Usui symbols, with the addition of the Holy Fire master symbol. The Holy Fire master symbol replaces the Tibetan master symbols as the master symbol of Holy Fire Reiki lineage. The Holy Fire energy is a direct connection to Source so some of the intermediaries such as the Tibetan symbols seem to fade into the light of Holy Fire Reiki.

When one who is previously attuned to the Tibetan symbols receives Holy Fire training, the Tibetan symbols are “retired.” The ignitions to the Holy Fire master symbol are much simpler because the connection is direct from Source. It is not traveling through the Reiki master to the student. So we no longer need to hold the Hui Yin or use the violet breath for attunements. This may encourage more people to teach and attune others to Reiki. I know a lot of people were intimidated by having to hold the Hui Yin and do the violet breath so they didn’t attune others.

In my personal experience, when I spoke with the Tibetans symbols, they were completely supportive of me receiving Holy Fire Reiki. They said they had reached their potential with me and encouraged me to evolve with Holy Fire Reiki.

The Tibetan Reiki symbols are honored teachers of mine who continued to teach me by encouraging me to continue to grow on my spiritual path. Even though at first I felt like I was leaving them behind. They showed me that “leaving them behind” was my human perspective, not their divine perspective. They believe in Holy Fire Reiki for humanity and the healing that will occur from it. They want me to assist in bringing it into the world with love, respect, integrity, and joy.

William Rand says, “The Tibetan symbols came out of a search for better healing methods. They seem like a stepping-stone the 3rd heaven. And at the same time, we had to heal to the point we could accept Holy Fire and be able to set up the system to share it with others.”

When Laurelle Gaia asked Holy Fire why we were guided to work with the Tibetan symbols for so long, and why aren’t they part of Holy Fire Reiki, she received the following information: “There are many levels of free will. The Tibetan symbols are appropriate at certain phases along the path of one’s souls progression. The energy brought forth through working with them has/is teaching humanity much. They have also brought forth great growth. Humanity is at a place now where new levels of free will open as you mature to new levels of Divine consciousness. As this growth is happening, more of the Divine Plan is being revealed and unfolding.

There has been a guarding of this newly revealed level of free will. The guarding has been to insure right use of free will. A deeper understanding the power of free will has been and is being achieved and was necessary prior to this new opening. There are other levels of free will that have yet to open. The Tibetan symbols have been helpful in the guarding process.”

12. What About My Spirit Guides?
The spirit guides who work with Holy Fire Reiki are highly illumined beings from a place we call the 3rd heaven. The 3rd heaven is a beautiful, vibrant place, full of life where all there is, is love. The spirit guides from here teach and guide us to divine love and the divine love inside us.

The 3rd heaven does not belong to any one religion or belief system. Many might call it the place of pure Holy Fire and Spirit Guides?consciousness and give it a scientific name that has nothing to do with spirit guides. However it is viewed, described or believed in is unique to each individual.

Many people are not interested in working with spirit guides at all and that is also completely appropriate with Holy Fire Reiki. Like all Reiki, the ignitions to Holy Fire Reiki give us a direct connection with its source of healing energy. It heals because we invite it, not because we believe in it in a particular way.

One of the first Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master recipients Jay Jackson said in his experience with Holy Fire Reiki, “In one of the Holy Fire Ignitions I ascended to the Third Heaven and saw Christ and Buddha both on the same plane and they were motioning for me to go higher beyond them. I was told they would help me learn from the same source that they learned from and that the Holy Fire Energy actually extends beyond what they can teach. They can only help us prepare for the true Holy Fire energy. I concluded that the nature of Holy Fire was not specific to the Christian God as I also experienced Buddha there. It may appear differently depending on what is needed by the student.”

In my personal experience, I was actually instructed to work with Holy Fire Reiki by my spirit guides. Working with spirit guides is part of my personal and professional expertise. I am a shamanic practitioner and an Associate Teacher for the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies; I have participated in the growth of the school for 17 years and have built the Reiki program there. Three days after my first ignition to Holy Fire Reiki, we had a big spiritual ceremony. At the end of the second day of the ceremony, one of the students, David, still merged with his spirit guide, came to me and placed his hand on my heart and said, “You have new symbols in your heart. They are going to change the world. You will be a leader in this, and you will have everything you need. They are going to change the world.” I hadn’t told anyone about Holy Fire at this point. Only my husband knew. Tears were rolling down my face as I listened. I knew that I was being blessed and was being told to follow the path of Holy Fire Reiki. To completely trust that I would have everything I need, and everything was already all right.

I have released some of my spirit guides that have unknowingly impeded my spiritual growth. This has all been done with complete love, honor and respect. Many of the spirit guides actually begin to work with Holy Fire also and are excited to evolve with it on their own. However, I am not working with them anymore or asking for their guidance. I found that some of my guides, although meaning well and helping me through particular times, still had their own agendas for me. Even if we both thought their guidance was authentic, their agendas and filters were part of their advice.

Some of my spirit guides simply are transformed in the light of Holy Fire Reiki. Like the Tibetan symbols, the Holy Fire energy illuminates them to the point that they disappear into the light. They were intermediaries to Source and Holy Fire is direct to Source. It looks like they are there and then Holy Fire energy is so bright, that they transform into the light.

Some of my spirit guides are part of the 3rd heaven and they are still with me. In my shamanic work, I have always worked with Jesus, Mary, Archangels, Kwan Yin, power animals, and more. Many of them are 3rd heaven beings. Jesus and Mary are 3rd heaven teachers who are masters of the energies of Holy Fire, so I am working even more closely with them now. I am trying to learn more from them about it. Jesus told me that Holy Fire energies are the healing techniques he came to the earth to teach and that he could really help me understand how to use them. I have begun to learn the healing energy behind their names; such as 3rd heaven, Holy Love, Holy Spirit, divine worth and more. He is teaching me how to use these vibrations to heal my clients. I often find that he merges with me and fills my hands with his hands.

I am still getting to know Holy Fire and am focused on it by itself until I understand its nature. My spirit guides are in agreement with my decision to do this. It is also in alignment with my shamanic training. There have been many times in my years of training that I worked with one guide exclusively. In many traditions, it is required that you only work with the spirit guides of that tradition. So it is within the context of my spiritual practices for me to make this kind of commitment to Holy Fire Reiki.

13. Holy Fire Reiki is a Fire of Unity?
When I first experienced Holy Fire, I saw it as the fire of unity. I was shown a vision of people everywhere handing each other a warm coal for the home fire, person to person to person. The intent of passing it is to provide warmth and the same resource of life giving fire to all people. It was shared equally so that we would have a never-ending supply of resources for all life on earth. This would bring the possibility of equality for all. Holy Fire is the source that unites us through our commonality. All life is this life force. We all need and want the same things. Holy Fire is a fire of cooperation and the idea that there is enough for everyone. It is possible for our needs to be met.

14. How does Holy Fire Reiki Heal?
Holy Fire Reiki will continue to upgrade in people, as they are ready to receive more. The upgrades can be spontaneous and powerful. The Holy Fire energies first ignite the person’s spirit and fill their soul with Holy Love. Holy Love is a vibration of Holy Fire Reiki. It is the pure love that connects the core of all creation with the core of our spirit. The nature of Reiki is to help us remember the love of our divine spirit. Holy Fire is a direct connection between the source of pure love that exists outside of us and the pure love of our spirit.

Deep healing and purification of unknown wounds and origin usually occur. I have found that some of the healing I have received I didn’t know I needed or wanted. They were outside of my conscious awareness. Holy Fire Reiki has been able to rapidly heal the wounds to my soul that were the “seed and roots” of limitations and I had learned to live with.

Then Holy Fire Reiki empowers the soul and brings back the divine essence of a person.

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