Professional Gratitude Ceremony

Gratitude Ceremony Kit


Professional (Large) Gratitude Ceremony PlateFamily (Medium) Gratitude Ceremony PlatePersonal (Small) Gratitude Ceremony Plate3 Plates Gratitude CeremonyPersonal Gratitude Ceremony Supplies ExampleProfessional (Large) Gratitude CeremonyProfessional (Large) Gratitude CeremonyProfessional (Large) Gratitude Ceremony

Product Description

Offer the Gratitude Ceremony for just you and your family, your community, or as a professional ceremony service you provide!

Personal (Small) Supplies for 7: $85
Family (Medium) Supplies for 20: $135
Professional (Large) Supplies for 50: $185

Kit Includes:

  • Ceremony instructions
  • Fossil charger plate*
  • Mole dirt
  • Center candle
  • Tea light candles
  • Crystals for the 4 directions
  • World Peace Grid postcard
  • Sacreds: sage, cornmeal, lavender, rose petals
  • Crystal Gifts
  • Stick matches

Additional Supplies needed: Fresh Flowers

Article: Reiki and Gratitude

How to: Ceremony Instructions

Ceremony uses: Diverse gatherings, Reiki ceremony, Reiki Circle, special birthdays, baby showers, holiday meals, and personal use.

Gather, let go, fill with Thanksgiving, receive grace and gratitude, and bless the World Peace Grids! The Gratitude Ceremony is easily adapted for diverse crowds. The ceremony instructions provide the beautiful Iroquois blessing, Ohenton Kariwahtekwen,the words that go before all else. Iroquois elder Jake Swamp offered the gift of this Greeting to the Natural World to the people and invited us to use it in our daily lives and ceremonies.

*Fossil Charger plates are one-of-a-kind plates with real Fossils inlaid in them. Plate design will vary slightly.






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