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Add a meaningful ceremony to your wedding, birthday, baby shower, or special event.

Fill the beads with blessings, well wishes, prayers, intentions, and Reiki. This ceremony is easily adapted to diverse beliefs according to the event and participants.

The Wedding Blessing Ceremony guests attending the wedding receive a bead to fill with their blessing during the ceremony. The couple blesses a pendant. The beads are collected at the end; the couple strings the beads together with the pendant, which creates a living prayer of blessing for their home.


  • Ceremony instructions
  • 50 Assorted African Trade Beads to match pendant
  • Handmade Pampeana glass centerpiece pendant*
  • Sage
  • Materials for stringing beads
  • Suggestions for beading

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When offering the Blessing Ceremony for a wedding, I also like to offer the Reiki Burning Bowl ceremony. In the Burning Bowl ceremony the couple releases all the behaviors and beliefs they don’t want to take with them into their future. It prepares them for their marriage ceremony the next day and opens them to receive the blessings from the Reiki Blessing Ceremony.

Can also be used for: Baby showers, special birthdays, rites of passage, any other honoring ceremony.

Article: Creating a Reiki Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Instructions: A Wedding Blessing Way Ceremony

*Pampeana Glass Art is recycled glass fused into beautiful designs. Made in a small village in Ecuador, Pampeana is a Fair Trade Member whose priority is “Protecting the Environment and Promoting Socially Conscious Products.”


Reiki Blessings Ceremony

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lrg orange labyrinth, lrg polar bears, sm sun, sm blue labyrinth, sm moon & star


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