Reiki and The Kingdom of God Within

by Colleen Benelli

First Published – Reiki News Magazine, Spring 2015.
Artwork by Gaia Orion.

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IN A REIKI SESSION LAST YEAR, I received the revelation to contemplate this concept: The Kingdom of God is within you. During the session, I was shown that the belief that the kingdom of God is within is a universal belief in religions and spiritual practices all over the world. It may be said in different words, but the concept that we find the Source of existence by going within is widely acknowledged. However, many people have a difficult time accessing the kingdom of God within. Even the concept can be hard for us to understand. In my revelation, I was shown that I was to make this an intention in my daily Reiki and spiritual practices because Reiki could give me a pathway to go inward to explore and experience this truth. I was also shown that I had no idea how powerful this belief put into words could be and that I didn’t really even know what it meant.

Although I have explored the idea that I am Divine Love at the core of my being, I haven’t used the specific words, “the kingdom of God is within” in my spiritual work. I realized that my first step was to invite Reiki to heal my blocks and resistances to even using the words. (In the Fall 2014 Reiki News Magazine, I wrote about healing my religious trauma and how I had drifted away from anything that sounded religious.) So I asked Reiki to assist me and to heal my resistances to this concept from anytime in my soul’s experience. I asked to be able to let go of anything that caused my resistance to even calling “God” by that name—experiences such as cultural beliefs and religious training, my ancestral history and beliefs, my genetic and past life fears and all of the unknown issues.

In this article, I make a specific attempt to call “God” by that name, but I also want to say that I honor all the beliefs about who and what God is. I have stayed away from it for years, only using names like Source, Creator, Mother/Father God, and the like. I believe we are all seekers on a variety of paths, and today, this one is mine. I feel that for my healing, I need to find God again in my life. I find that as I do this, more of my Reiki students talk about the same issue and their need to heal it in their lives too.

I found that in order to even begin the spiritual journey of listening for answers to what the kingdom of God is within meant, I had to first start saying the words in that specific language. My resistances had stopped me from even getting started because I wouldn’t contemplate any ideas from anything sounding religious. As theologian Frederick Buechner said in The Magnificent Defeat, “If you have never known the power of God’s love, then maybe it is because you have never asked to know it—I mean really asked, expecting an answer.”

Reiki awakens God-consciousness within

The more I listened, the more I realized that Usui Sensei was also seeking the same understanding when he received Reiki. Usui Sensei was asking for the ability to achieve or to receive Anshin Ritsumei, “the state of complete peace of mind or complete stillness,”1 when he climbed Mt. Kurama. After 21 days, “he felt a great shock in the center of his brain … and lost consciousness for some hours. (2)” When he awoke, “he found that he was filled with an extreme refreshment that he had never felt before. (3)” He experienced a sense of oneness with the Universe and said: “The Universe is me—I am the Universe. (4)” Later, “the Zen master confirmed that what Usui Sensei had achieved on the mountain was enlightenment. (5)”

After years of trying to achieve Anshin Ritsumei through his Zen Buddhist practices, Divine Love answered Usui’s prayer for enlightenment by giving him this peace, which is aligned with finding the universe within. In addition to this wonderful gift, he also received Reiki: the ability to heal. It makes sense to me now that in the belief system in which I was raised, for me the words, “I am the Universe. The Universe is me,” would have a similar meaning as the Kingdom of God is within and that I would be led to this spiritual contemplation along my Reiki journey.

Usui Sensei taught Reiki as a method to heal the physical, mental and emotional issues within a person, so that they could more easily reach the state of Anshin Ritsumei. He taught that a person could reach higher and higher levels of wellness and consciousness through receiving more Reiki and Reijus. (Reiju is the “energy transmission technique handed down from Usui Sensei; [it’s] the traditional form of the attunement.) (6)” Hiroshi Doi Sensei, Gendai Reiki founder and author of A Modern Reiki Method of Healing, teaches that undertaking Reiki I and II and the Reiki Master class is part of the goal, but “it does not mean you are finished. It means you are on the starting line where you only know that the purpose of life is to attain Anshin Ritsumei. In other words, you are like Usui Sensei before the true awakening. The actual course to Anshin Ritsumei has just begun. (7)” Spiritual contemplation is part of the path of Reiki. Doi Sensei says that Reiki “is life force energy that is guided by the highest level of consciousness in the Universe and is filled with the hado of love. Its purpose is to carry out the will of the highest consciousness and at the same time, it always respects free will. (8)”

About 6 months after I began my spiritual contemplation to find the kingdom of God within, I was ignited to Holy Fire Reiki. In my quest, I have found that Holy Fire Reiki is a progression in the direction indicated by Usui Sensei and Doi Sensei in that it is easier to perceive higher states of consciousness and move into them using this new form of Reiki. It has been an utterly fascinating time of self-discovery and personal growth.

Reiki symbols connect us by going within

I called on the Reiki symbols to help me heal and to help me go within to make the connection to the kingdom of God. I found that each one had another gift of healing and empowerment. You can use any of the symbols you are attuned to, or simply invite Reiki to do the healing if you are working with Reiki I.

• I invited the Usui Power symbol CKR to help remove the injuries, blocks and ego issues from my body. I think of this remarkable symbol of the power of love in the universe and when I call on it, it brings love to me. It invites the blessings of Divine Love. When Divine Love is present, it is easier to go within and connect to the love consciousness of God and bring it into my body and the moment.

• I activated the Usui Mental/Emotional symbol SHK to clear my mind and awaken my higher consciousness and connection to the divine mind. SHK also heals patterns and blocks; it “can eliminate unwanted habits and … transform them into a healthy habit. (9)” When higher consciousness is present, it is easier to go within and hear the mind of God.

• The Usui Distance symbol can heal and empower into the past and into the future. I invited it to heal me at a soul level as well as in this lifetime. HSZSN means, “The origin of all is pure consciousness. (10)” Doi Sensei says this symbol means “I become God. The root of every being is right consciousness. The true consciousness is the resonance (unity) of the Great Universe and the little universe (human). Both interpretations are quite identical. (11)” I invite HSZSN to create a bridge of light from my heart chakra to my sacred heart and soul. When pure consciousness is present, it is easier to connect to the heart of God.

• The Usui Master symbol DKM means, “Great Being of the Universe, shine on me and be my friend,” and also “Treasure house of the great beaming light, (12)” so I called on it to invite God into my body and mind and to deepen my friendship with the Divine. When the Great Being of the Universe is my friend, it is easier to experience myself as the treasure house of the great beaming light.

• The Holy Fire Master symbol “can further promote healing by helping the parts of the physical body that have been weakened or damaged to be restored, can restore the emotions, the mind, and the spiritual and can also work on the core of one’s being. It can also empower by imbuing your being with unusual vitality and confidence and feelings of safety and peace. An important aspect of Holy Fire healing is a wonderful feeling of being loved. (13)” Holy Fire is our connection to the Third Heaven and the Holy Realms. It works beyond the soul, and into our spirit. The energy of Holy Fire Reiki heals us at the deepest level of our spirit and ignites our Divine Love. When we feel embraced by love, it is easier to go within and experience the love of God.

Reiki heals by releasing old mental, emotional, spiritual and physical injuries from our body, mind and soul. Then it connects us to the mind and heart of God, and so we can receive God’s pure consciousness and pure love into our physical body. Reiki gives us a pathway to travel deeper within our heart and spirit to make the connections to the divine qualities of God and receive them into our body. This is how they can become manifest on earth.

Self-Reiki Meditation to the Kingdom of God Within

I use this meditation for myself and I also use it for my Reiki clients. You can use any of the Reiki symbols you are attuned or ignited to. If you are Reiki Level I student, simply invite Reiki and do the meditation too. Reiki will guide you. First, I activate all of the Reiki symbols. The Holy Fire Master symbol is very aligned with this meditation and easily guides us to the Holy Realms of our Sacred Heart.

• Activate HSZSN and envision yourself walking over the Bridge of Light into your Sacred Heart, the light of your spirit. The bridge is filled with angels singing. As you walk across the bridge, the angels’ songs dissolve the “layers of life, the ways and the worries of the world” that cover your light. As the layers dissolve, your light becomes more visible to you. The vibration of the angels’ voices awakens your spirit’s song within you. The bridge travels through your soul all the way to your spirit.

• Flowing under the bridge is the River of Living Waters. The light of God shines on the water, reflecting rainbows everywhere. Beautiful vibrant colors sparkle like diamonds. The light shines into your eyes and fills you with the beautiful colors.

• There is a pathway ahead. It leads to the river of the Living Waters. There is a spring flowing into the river. You find a cup of the Living Waters and take a long drink. The waters fill every cell of your body, every organ, and you realize that you are made of these Living Waters. You feel your physical vitality returning. You look at your hands in front of you and see that they shimmer and sparkle like this extraordinary place. You can see the Grace and the light within you. You breath the breathe of God and Divine Love fills your spirit and you experience yourself as Divine Love. (Stay in this experience for a while.)

• At the end of the meditation, walk back through the beautiful places of your spirit to the Bridge of Light. You walk across the bridge and the angels are guiding you back through your Sacred Heart, bringing you back into your body. When you look around you, you see the brilliance of your spirit shining everywhere. You realize that you have gone within and brought the Divine Light and love of God back with you into your daily life. (This meditation is below.)


The spiritual contemplations and possibilities for personal growth are among the many benefits of Reiki that I love most. Reiki aligns us with Divine guidance so that we can hear what our hearts need in order to open to more Divine Love. I was shown an idea to consider and meditate upon and have used Reiki as a tool to help me understand.

Exploring the meaning behind the kingdom of God is within has brought tremendous healing and empowerment to my life. With Reiki, I have found even greater tools to help me go within to find a pathway to God and to bring God’s love into my life.

Usui Sensei was a seeker just like so many of us. I am so grateful that he continued on his spiritual quest for Anshin Ritsumei, a heart of perfect peace. He also received the great gift of Reiki and decided to share it with the world. Reiki practitioners all over the world may have different belief systems, but we share a common bond as seekers in our desire to live with a higher consciousness
and to bring wellness to the world.

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The Kingdom of Heaven is Within

When I researched our commonality, I found many examples of various religions and practices that clearly and beautifully state that we can find the source of our existence, known by many different names, by going within. Here are some examples presented in a blog called The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.(1)

From Guru Nanak, (Sikh)
As fragrance abides in the flower, As the reflection is within the mirror, So doth thy Lord abide within thee, Why search Him without?

Prophet Mohammed (Islam)
He who knows his own self, knows God.

Jesus Christ (Christian)
The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, “Lo, here it is!” or “There!” for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Lord Buddha (Buddhist)
The subject on which I meditate is truth. The practice to which I devote myself is the truth. The topic of my conversation is truth. My thoughts are always in truth. For lo! My self has become the truth.

Lao Tzu (Taoist)
Worlds and particles, bodies and beings, time and space: All are transient expressions of the Tao.

Swami Vivekananda (Hindu)
It is impossible to find God outside of ourselves. Our own souls contribute all of the divinity that is outside of us. We are the greatest temple. The objectification is only a faint imitation of what we see within ourselves.

Vedas (Original Indian holy text)
There is one Supreme Ruler, the inmost Self of all beings, who makes His one form manifold. Eternal happiness belongs to the wise, who perceive Him within themselves—not to others.

Yehuda Ashlag (Jewish)
There is no single substance existing in the world, whether it be that which we experience through the senses, or that which we perceive through the mind, which is not comprised in the Creator. Everything emanates from Him. Therefore, what we know as contrary, or unrelated in Him, are but one unified Substance.(2)

Usui Sensei Reiki (not a religion)
I am the Universe. The Universe is me.(3)

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