Manifest: An Intermediate Course*

Manifest Your Conscious Actions

You’ve Discovered Your Next Step intentions, now what?
How do you manifest intentions through solutions, actions, and choices?
Can’t get enough Reiki Skill Training?

Manifest Your Next Step

Advanced Reiki Skills Level 2

“Conscious Action Through Inner Guidance”


Learn Advanced Reiki Journey skills to:

Month 1:
Move from messy middle to clarity 

  • Identify priorities – daily to someday in your Spiritual life, physical health, work, relationships, finances, home.
  • Combine Reiki with The One Thing focusing questionYour next step conscious action
  • Reiki Journey: What do you want to manifest in all of these categories, intention mapping

Month 2:

  • Money and Success Consciousness
  • Limiting beliefs, Gifts and Talents
  • Reiki Journey: Thought form unravelling and empowerment

Month 3:
Your Life’s purpose

  • Beyond what you do each day.
  • Your spirits intention for this lifetime.
  • Reiki Journey: Journey deep inside your spirit, reveal your life’s purpose, and your spiritual gifts and talents

Month 4:
Your Life’s purpose expressed in Daily life

  • Reveal how you already live your life’s purpose in your daily life
  • Reveal your human gifts and talents, how you utilize them each day
  • Your Next Action

Month 5:
Learn Advanced Journey Techniques for others

  • How journeying for others benefits you
  • Distance Reiki Sessions / Journey for others
  • Interview clients
  • Introduction to invocations
  • Impressions / channelling through automatic writing


Month 6:
More Advanced Journey Techniques for others

  • Distance Reiki Sessions / Journey for others
  • Reiki Journey Intention for others – Thought from unravelling and empowerment
  • What limits you, what empowers you?



We invite you to continue your Reiki training in this very special circle of people!

*Pre Req Discover Beginner Course