Manifest: An Intermediate Course*

“Conscious Action Through Inner Guidance”

You’ve Discovered Your Next Step intentions, now what?
How do you manifest intentions through solutions, actions, and choices? Can’t get enough Reiki Skill Training?

Month 1: Move from messy middle to clarity 

  • Identify priorities – daily to someday in your Spiritual life, physical health, work, relationships, finances, home
  • Combine Reiki with The One Thing focusing on the question of your next step conscious action
  • Reiki Journey: What do you want to manifest in all of these categories, intention mapping

Month 2: Values

  • Money and Success Consciousness
  • Limiting beliefs, Gifts and Talents
  • Reiki Journey: Thought form unravelling and empowerment

Month 3: Your Life’s purpose

  • Beyond what you do each day
  • Your spirits intention for this lifetime
  • Reiki Journey: Journey deep inside your spirit, reveal your life’s purpose, and your spiritual gifts and talents

Month 4: Your Life’s purpose expressed in daily life

  • Reveal how you already live your life’s purpose in your daily life
  • Reveal your human gifts and talents, how you utilize them each day
  • Next action steps

Month 5: Learn Advanced Journey Techniques for others

  • How journeying for others benefits you
  • Distance Reiki Sessions / Journey for others
  • Interview clients
  • Introduction to invocations
  • Impressions / channelling through automatic writing

Month 6: More Advanced Journey Techniques for others

  • Distance Reiki Sessions / Journey for others
  • Reiki Journey Intention for others – Thought from unravelling and empowerment
  • What limits you, what empowers you?

Class time: 8:30-11:30am PST
Class Dates Thursdays: July 23, Aug 13, Sept 17, Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 10
Q&A/Sharing Dates: Aug 27, Oct 29, Dec 17
Cost: $150/month

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