I’m on Fire for Holy Fire Reiki

by Colleen Benelli

Holy Fire Reiki has consumed my thoughts, my work, and my life focus and I’m on fire for Holy Fire Reiki. It is an astonishing healing energy full of love and beauty. I love giving my self-Reiki and feeling my own love and beauty wake up. It changes how I feel during the day and how I manage my life circumstances.

When love is present, worry dissolves.

Gandhi’s teaching, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” has been the mantra of my life and the reason behind my Reiki practice. It is my form of activism. I continually take action with Reiki as my way of making the world a better place.

When I was young, I was a political activist and lobbyist and it about killed me! Yikes, what a tough world politics is. I realized back then that I had to “be the change” differently. Eventually, my intentions led me to Reiki, giving me a path to contribute to the wellness of community and the planet Earth.

Now many years later, Holy Fire Reiki has come into my life with tremendous potential for change in the world. It told me that it came to the earth in the form of Reiki at this time because we have invited it through our collective prayers for peace.

Holy Fire is the unifying energy of all life, which is love. And Reiki is the perfect vehicle for Holy Fire, because Reiki is easy to learn and available to everyone regardless of religion, politics, education or social status. Like all Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki is given to us through grace.

Holy Fire Reiki tells us that the Earth is the first heaven.
It is beautiful world full of love and grace, joy and sorrow, glory, tragedy and triumph. It is a vision of the third heaven where all there is, is love. Holy Fire helps us align ourselves and our life here in our daily life, to our true spiritual essence that exists in the third heaven. On Earth as it is in heaven. Holy Fire Reiki sessions give us a direct link to the healing frequencies of the third heaven and the illumined beings and awaken those parts of our spirit.

When I am working on my clients with Holy Fire Reiki, I watch as we are escorted to the third heaven to bathe in the living waters and cleanse the weariness of the world from our soul. Then we soak in the grace and the glory of the light of love to receive the nourishments and gifts of Holy Spirit. Nourishments such as the cup of joy, filled with awe and reverence for our life, happiness and grace. The table is laden with the gifts that fill our soul and heal the wounds of this life. These gifts return us to our true self and spirit here on earth. As above, so below.

I have given over 110 Holy Fire Reiki sessions so far, and each one has been extraordinary. I am on fire for Holy Fire Reiki. It helps me fulfill my dreams and my activism. I can contribute to the betterment of the world by providing healing to others and myself.

Blessings and love to you,

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