Free webinar: Discover Your Conscious Intentions for 2020

Join the free webinar with Colleen & Robyn Benelli

-Who do you want to be in the new year? 

-What intentions do you want to set? 

-What do you need to release for your intentions to manifest? 

Ring in the New Year with this free webinar from Colleen and Robyn Benelli and Reiki Lifestyle. In this webinar you will be taken on a guided journey meditation by Colleen to:

* Discover and set your intentions, goals, manifestations for 2020!
* Release old layers, stories, limiting beliefs, restrictions, cords to the past, old injuries that are preventing you from manifesting all that you want in your life! 

This webinar is part of our Eagle Vision / Mouse Vision guided meditation journey series we have been releasing over the last four weeks. Each one can be used as a stand alone or as a group to enter into the New Year and new you with intention! 

Part of the intention of this webinar are for those who are interested in the new Discover, a Next Step Reiki beginner course. This webinar will give you an idea of the curriculum format and the personal growth that happens in the class! 

Whether you are interested in the class or not we still invite you take this free webinar for your personal growth in the new year!