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Month 1, November: Journey with Reiki

Discover Month 1 Slide Deck

Gassho Meditation:

Introduction to Reiki Journey Techniques:

Reiki Journey – Discover Your Next Step with Reiki:


Month 1 Makeup Class

Introduction to Reiki Journey Techniques-Discussion

Reiki Journey to Intentions


Month 2 December: Distance Journeying for Other

Slide Deck: Discover – Month 2 Distance Journeying for others


Distance Journey for others Explanation

Colleens Guided Journey: Journey for others


Month 3: January Whole Body Listening

Slide Deck: Module 3-Listening


Whole Body Listening Information Explanation:

Chakra Cleansing Guided Journey:

Month 2 & 3 Makeup: Dec & Jan Distance Journey for Others and Listening

Slide Deck: Month 2&3 Makeup

Listening and Distance Journeying Info:

Journey: Distance for others listening and chakra clearing

Month 4: February

Slide Deck: Month 4- Intuition

Intuition Information:

Journey to Intuition / authentic intellect:

February Makeup


Information on intuition:

Journey to Intuition:

Month 5 March: Bridge of Conscious Choice

Slide Deck: Month 5 Conscious Choice


Spirit Release Info:

Conscious Choice Info:

Bridge of Conscious Choice Journey:

Month 6: Reflection

Slide Deck:  Discover Module 6 Reflection


Journey: Reflection with Automatic Writing

Month 6 Makeup: Conscious Choice & Reflection


Guided Journey Reflection: